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Last weekend I joined 70,000 music fans at Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park.  As you move amongst the hordes of people you engage in thousands of Micro-Negotiations.  Are you going to let that guy cut in front of you to get a BLT ranch wrap?  Well okay, she is shorter than me, I guess she can horn in and stand in front of me for the next song.  Working your way through the crowd to get closer to the stage you make eye contact for a split second and negotiate who is stepping where and when.

In business, we participate in Micro-Negotiations as well.  Sitting with a potential client and asking them how they want to structure the deal first.  Agreeing to meet at the client’s office instead of yours.  Who you CC on an email, and whether or not you include the person’s boss.  Buying lunch when you meet a client over a meal.  Each interaction is a chance to negotiate a better, sustainable relationship.

Do you realize how often you negotiate?